Saturday, July 4, 2015

Reflections Of 6th Grade Student Government

When I came to the first student government meeting I was super excited. I came with a flash drive holding a power point presentation I had made about the system of government we could have, which was going to be our first topic. I met some people, and listened to Mrs. Braun talk, and then brought up the system of government subject. It was decided that each grade would have one president, and everyone else would be allowed to come to meetings as well. I was happy, and confident I could win the election for sixth grade president.
One of the things I wanted to talk about was what power the presidents would have. I think that if they were in agreement they should have veto power over the rest of student government. However, I think the majority of the students should have veto power over the presidents. I also wanted to know what student government’s responsibilities and limits were. We didn’t get to these questions, but I was still pretty excited.

Throughout the year my enthusiasm was slowly reduced, for a few reasons. First, we didn’t do very many things. Throughout the year, we organized two bake sales and Pi Day. Many things were done in our name, such as a 3rd bake sale we never got around to, as well as Garnet and Black Day, which we approved of, but never actually worked on. Also we didn’t do any field trips this year, even though they did last year. I tried the whole year to take the 6th grade ice skating, and was meet with resistance, even when it wouldn’t take up any school hours, because it was “too ambitious.” I also didn’t like how more and more our government system wasn’t being used. At first, we just stopped using the presidents and took votes, then we started taking unofficial votes, and then Mrs. Braun would just end up deciding by herself. Also we started slacking off. One time we went to student government and waited 30 minutes for Mrs. Braun to come. Apparently, Mrs. Braun had a meeting that day. I was outraged for having waited 30 minutes because Mrs. Braun couldn’t put a post-it on the door explaining her meeting. This happened multiple times as the year went on. During student government, Mrs. Braun would sometimes interrupt the agenda of a meeting to play a game, which I thought was unproductive. I slowly became less enthusiastic and put in less time and energy.

On the last day of student government, we talked about what we did this year, and what we can do next year. We talked about our system of government, and Mrs. Braun said that next year there would only be one president, and they had to be an 8th grader, there would also be a vice-president that had to be a 7th grader. I asked why the president had to be an 8th grader and the vice-president had to be a 7th grader. Mrs. Braun said they needed experience at the school. I asked what would happen if you moved in to town and joined the middle school as an 8th grader. I was then criticized for not agreeing with anything Mrs. Braun said. Yes criticized. The subject was changed and eventually we moved on to field trips. I asked if we could have more field trips next year, and she said we already had enough field trips this year. I reminded Mrs. Braun we had zero field trips that year. She changed the subject. I brought up the system of government issue after a while. She immediately invited everyone to a game. With 6 minutes left I figured that was the end of our discussion. I thanked Mrs. Braun for the year and left.

Next year, I would like to return to student government, but I have a few requests. First, I would like a list of our responsibilities and limits. I would like to vote on a government system and stay with it. I would like to spend more time focusing on accomplishing things such as field trips, parties, clubs, etc, and less time playing games. I would like to be notified if there is no student government. I have some other ideas for keeping things running smoothly that I would like to discuss with the student government.