Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Camp 78 Trip to Medieval Times

Today at Camp 78 we went to Medieval Times. I was excited because I had heard good things about it from 8th graders who had gone on a trip there with school. When we were on the bus ride there, I was picturing a wide open lawn, removed from the modern world, but when we turned on to Polito Avenue I saw a castle and parking lot, but no grass. The castle looked totally out of place in between two glass and concrete buildings, with a telephone line blocking the view of one of the castles towers, which proudly held an American flag.

As we entered through the heavy oak doors we entered a hallway where everyone from camp 78 was given a green card with a table number on it. Then we went into an octagonal room with 4 halls and 4 gift shop carts. I immediately went to the hallways and found a Dungeons Adventure Tour for $2 and a photo opportunity with the king for $1. The other two hallways were blocked. Then I went back into the main room and me and a friend fell to the task of finding everything at medieval times that was not truly medieval. I remember the light up swords, the stainless steel nameplates of the workers, the words “made in china” on a wooden sword and the fact that everything could be bought in U.S. Dollars. Then the king came out of the picture taking hallway, stood in front of the two blocked off hallways and directed us lords and ladies of the green card to one hallway, as well as 7 other groups with different colored cards to either hallway. We walked down these hallways and into an arena, sat down in our area which consisted of a few tables and chairs that formed bleachers, and waited for the show to start.

Quite suddenly the show started. What everyone noticed right away in the dirt arena was the flashing theater lights, which cast green light on camp 78, and other colors on other camps. Then the king gave a speech and introduced 8 knights on horses that each are named after the color of the city that they represent. Our knight was named the green knight and carried a green flag. There were introductions and small competitions where our the knights competed on horseback by spearing rings and breaking shields with their lances. When it was over our knight came in second to the red knight. He rode to our section and took off his helmet and we all saw his long beard, a chant began “Fear the Beard, Fear the Beard, Fear the Beard…”

Suddenly a man rode in announcing a messenger who wanted to see the king. The messenger wore barbaric clothes and spoke in an accent. He said “I am a messenger of the north kingdom and I would like to participate for this trial for the princess's hand in marriage.” The princess immediately shouts out “No, I could never marry such a beast.” The king admits to the crowd that any man, from any place is allowed to battle in the trial, but when he hears his daughter crying he orders the man out of his castle. Then the king announces that the feast is ready and many servers come with plates for us and give us chicken, corn, bread, and cookies. Then the jousting began. The arena was animated with the disco lights and the knights moved off the arena except for two knights. They each had a lance and stabbed each other multiple times. Finally one knight fell off his horse and then the other knight would dismount. They fought each other with swords until one of them “died”. The last battle was between the red knight and the green knight, and the red knight won. We were all disappointed. Then the messenger from the north came in and charged the red knight. They battled each other and eventually the red knight was knocked off. The northern messenger dismounted and pulled a mace from his horse. The red knight battled the northern messenger with his sword. This was funny to watch since in actuality the mace would have snapped the thin sword in half or at least chipped the super fine edge. Eventually the red knight appeared to slice a hole in the messenger’s stomach. The fight ended with the red knight brutally slicing a dead body. The normal lights turned on, we all went back on the bus towards home.