Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Camp 78 Trip to Brownstone Park

Today at Camp 78, we went to Brownstone Park. I had been looking forward to the event and was excited on the bus ride to the park. I was a little nervous because there were clouds in the sky. When I stepped out of the bus, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I definitely wasn’t expecting what I saw.

I looked around and saw a huge lake in front of me, and brown cliffs surrounding the lake. There was a huge floating dock running down the lake, which was gigantic. It was bright, sunny, and warm. There were large floating structures in the water to play on and zip lines going every direction. In the corner were some crazy looking rides. I had no idea what to do first.

After a five minute zig-zagging walk up the side of one of the cliffs, me and a couple of my friends got to the top of the longest fastest zip line at the park. There were four identical zip lines next to each other, each one had a wood box under the beginning part where you would stand and then push off onto the zip line. I stood at the top of that creaky box, standing on my top toes so I could get harnessed in, and looked down at the water 88 feet below me and I was really scared and excited at the same time. On 3 I pushed off the box and went completely onto the zip line. For a tenth of a second I went straight down as the rope bent to accommodate my weight. In that instant I was super scared, but then the rope tightened and I went sliding down. I was up there for about 45 seconds, which is really nice when compared with other activities like cliff jumping where the action happens so quickly that you can’t look around and smile. The best part was the landing where with the wind in your ears you descend toward the water at around 20 mph and the rope swoops down to 2 or 3 feet above the water and you go into the water feet first making a large wake behind you.

Next, me and my friends swam to a large floating wall in the lake. We climbed to the top of the wall from the rock climbing handles on one side and in front of the wall was a 20 foot pillow. The person at the top told us that at the end of the pillow was a person, who would be thrown off when one of us jumped on. So the first person in line jumped on the back of the pillow and someone came off the other end. Then the next person jumped on the pillow and the first person was thrown off. When the person in front of me jumped off, he jumped slightly to his left. Which caused the floating wall to move to the right. I had to jump to my left to make it to the pillow and then climb forward to the front of the pillow. In the few seconds of waiting I was super nervous. And then it happened very suddenly. I felt the pillow rise below me and I was thrown 5 feet into the air. I was electrified in that instant and had just enough time to take in a breath before I hit the water.

After that we went to a slide. You might think we are too big and too old to get a thrill out of a slide, but this was no ordinary slide. This water slide was 150 feet long, 6 feet wide and 6 feet high. It was slightly sloped so if you didn’t take a running start and jump onto the slide you would stop about halfway through and you would have to walk to the end of the slide and jump off. When I went on it was crazy despite all the water in my nose I had a great time, on the slide and in the instant I fell off and into the water.

Next we went to a swinging ladder, the scariest ride at the park. You would hold on to a twenty foot rope and swing down and then up again. You would let go of the rope and fall into the water. I was super scared but I was confident I could do this. I watched many people go, and when I talked to them they said the ride was okay, but it wasn’t fun, just scary. I was really determined though so I decided to stay in line. I was third in line when my friend went on and when he hit the water, he got a bloody nose. I decided to step out of line, but I was disappointed, not in myself or anything I had done, but that Brownstone had a ride that would hurt you. I felt like I got off easy, learned from other’s mistakes that the ride was not safe, where as my friend got a bloody nose.

As we swam toward the next ride we were going to, we talked about the swinging ladder and everyone seemed to agree with me that having a ride like that was wrong. Then we arrived at a zip line with no harness, which worried me a little. Then the guy there said you were supposed to dismount by letting go of the handle and falling into the water fifteen feet below you, which worried me a lot. I went on though and had fun, and even managed to keep all the water out of my nose.

After some small and entertaining, but not quite thrilling rides, my friends and I went over to an American Ninja Warrior looking floating obstacle course. We had a lot of fun pushing each other off the top at the end of the obstacle course. I realized it was 1:30 and we went to check in for the end of the day to go home.

When we got there we signed in and then realized that none of us had eaten lunch, we had been too busy at the park. It hit me how hungry I was and for the last 15 minutes of our time at the park me and my friends sat down to eat and talk about the day.