Friday, May 29, 2015

Rube Goldberg Machine Science Project

For my science class my friend Joan and I made a Rube Goldberg Machine.We had a lot of fun planning the project, but as the deadline approached I had to take it to the bungalow to finish the building and start filming.

Check out the project below:

The purpose of this machine is to knock down “The Avengers”. First a wedge acting as a doorstop will be moved out of the way of a ball it is holding back.
The ball will roll down 2 ramps and eventually fall into a bucket.
Then the bucket which will be connected to a pulley, and will have the additional weight of the ball that falls into it, will descend.
The bucket will fall onto a lever 1’s first side. The second side will go up and knock onto lever 2, whose second end holds a ball.
When the 1st end of the second lever goes up, the end holding the ball goes down and the ball rolls into dominoes. The dominoes move up an inclined plane in the domino effect. At the end of the inclined plane a ball is knocked off by the last domino.
The ball falls down onto The Avengers. This machine makes work easier by increasing mechanical advantage and separating you from The Avengers.