Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Little History of Science

I read A Little History of Science by William F. Bynum. This is my favorite nonfiction book I've read so far.

This book discusses everything from the Paleolithic era to the nano Digital age. My main takeaway from this book was Descartes's Cartesian doubt, which is a systematic process of being skeptical about the truth of one's beliefs and trying to find what makes sense and what is junk from bad experiments.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

6th Grade Science Olympiad

When I started 6th grade, along with the other activities and groups I joined, I entered Science Olympiad. I was told to go to and select some of the projects I would like to participate in. I chose Elastic Launch glider, Road Scholar, Building Bridges, Air Trajectory, Wheeled Vehicle, and Bottle Rocket. When I presented Mr. Curella with this, he said that doing 2 events was enough. He selected Road Scholar and Wheeled Vehicle for me. I later found out that he chose Road Scholar since it was the only Test event that was on my list, and he chose Wheeled Vehicle since I was the only person in my team and division (6th grade) that wanted to do Wheeled Vehicle.

More pictures and video below: