Monday, June 9, 2014

Current Events: The Amazing Spiderman 2

I put together my sixth, and last, current events report for 5th grade. It's a review of The Amazing Spiderman 2. I saw a screening of this movie with my friend and her dad, who works for Marvel. My friend and I took the train to Grand Central without any adults. I enjoyed watching the movie and enjoyed the very enthusiastic audience.

Check out the full report below:

The Amazing Spiderman 2

Peter Parker aka. Spider-man (Andrew Garfield) has decided that he must do whatever it takes to help the world. In between his daily riskless fighting scenes he graduates from college and proposes to Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

Amidst the routine, Peter’s high school friend’s father founder of Oscorp dies leaving everything to Harry Osborn(Dane DeHaan), and telling him about Oscorp’s real mission being to cure the Oscorp disease. Harry then goes to Peter, knowing that Peter is the only photographer who has “managed to take a picture of Spider Man” and forces him to make Spider Man come and give him some of his self healing blood.

On the same day that Harry’s father died, Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx), A worker for Oscorp and also one of the many saved by Spider-Man, is forced by his boss to stay late on his birthday and connect two fully functional wires on the US power grid. After being threatened of losing his job Max connects the wires and is horribly electrocuted.

Later when Spider Man refuses to give Harry his blood, Harry inserts radioactive spider venom into his blood. Coming close to dying, because of the incompatibility Peter warned him about, Harry stumbles upon a self healing suit in a hidden chamber of Oscorp. The deformed Harry Osborn, now the Green Goblin searches for Electro, a mysterious villain, to help him kill Spider Man.

Meanwhile, Max walks around New York City and suddenly starts absorbing electricity. The police come but are knocked away by the electricity in the now blue Electro. Spider Man arrives on the scene, but when he cannot remember Electro’s old name Electro gets mad. The New Yorkers being held away from the scene by the Police start cheering for them to fight. One of the police shoots Electro and Electro accuses Spider Man of setting him up. Electro then proceeds to shut down all the lights in time square and start fighting Spider Man.

When Electro is finally, with enormous effort, captured and put in prison. Green Goblin in the same day frees Electro and sets off to kill Spider Man and generate massacre destruction. When the pair of them start wreaking the Power Grid Spider Man arrives unintentionally bringing along Gwen. Spider Man must stop them. An epic battle takes place and two of the four people at the scene die.

Five Months later, still no sign of Spider Man, Gwen, the Green Goblin or Electro. An enormous rhino shaped machine with a recognized criminal that had only been stopped by spider man in the past is at the controls. The Police can’t hold it back, and where is Spider Man...

With an average rating of 60%, The Amazing Spider Man was thought to be an okay movie. Many critics had very close opinions ranging from 56%-74% in contrast the amazing spider man 1 had a range of 60% - 90%.

One reason the Amazing Spider man 2 was criticized is because Marvel didn't agree with Sony about what Spider Man 4 should be about. Instead Sony made the Amazing Spider Man. Critics say that the Amazing Spider man 2 is like Spider Man 3. Another reason it is criticized is that The Amazing Spider Man does not having one solid plot, but I think that that’s what made it so great. In a classic movie there is a good guy, a bad guy, and a girl. The good guy and the girl develop a relationship and then either the girl is captured or the bad guy attacks. Then the good guy must go and save the day. In Amazing Spider Man, Green Goblin wants to take over the world, Electro wants to kill Spider Man, and Rhino wants to cause mass destruction, kill as many police as possible, and start a global Jailbreak. In order to do all these things, Spider Man must be killed. The result is that Spider Man doesn’t take on a bad guy go through an epic duel and live happily ever after, he always has something knew to do. The “boring repetitiveness” some critics describe is an interesting cycle with widely varying results. I would give this film a 77%.

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