Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Current Events: Super Bowl Commercials

I put together my fourth current events report for 5th grade. It's about the super bowl...the super bowl commercials that is.

Check out the full report and video below:

Super Bowl Commercials

RelevanceThe Super Bowl is one of the year's biggest events. With 100 million people watching advertisers can make a major mark. If a commercial is good enough, it can get people talking about a company for days or even longer. According to NY Daily News, 25% of viewers watch the super bowl primarily for the commercials.

CostAccording to The Atlantic, the average cost of a Super Bowl commercial is 4 million dollars per 30 seconds. Although this may seem like a lot, not only are 100,000,000 people watching the Super Bowl, it has a different environment for commercials. On this day of the year people bring themselves to the commercials instead of letting the commercials bring themselves to the observer. People purposely evaluate them. The commercials are as much a part of the Super Bowl as the Half-Time show.

BestAccording to Ad Age, the two best ads were for t-Mobile. Their “no-contract” and follow up “still no-contract” commercials featured Tim Tebow. The Heisman Trophy winner is contract-less. The commercials show some of the things being contract-less allows him to do.

WorstAlso according to Ad Age, the worst commercial was about Heinz ketchup. Numerous people in diverse eating situations are humming "If You’re Happy and You Know It", but when you’re supposed to clap, they hit that glass ketchup bottle twice. Except for an old lady who at the end who makes an accidental farting sound with a squeeze bottle. See what they did there? A fart joke!

Keeping It CleanAccording to Yahoo, advertisers tried to keep it family friendly with socially conscious statements, patriotic messages and light humor. There wasn't much shock value and there were no crude jokes. For instance Bank of America chose to donate one dollar for every person who bought the U2 song “Invisible” on iTunes, Microsoft made a commercial about the power tech gives the disabled, and Pepsi ran a commercial about a party they held for Lt. Nadd, a solder returning from Afghanistan.

ControversyCoca-Cola’s ad received lots of negative attention. The 60-second ad showed American families with diverse backgrounds singing "America the Beautiful" in different languages. Many social media users called this unpatriotic. Time's James Poniewozik says the "xenophobic protesters" are right that English is used for official business and the majority of publications in America. However, he argues that U.S. pride should be a celebration of multiple cultures.

SexismEven though the vast majority of GoDaddy commercials in the past decade involved scantily clad ladies, even GoDaddy is trying a new tactic this year: they will rely on humor. While sexual innuendo was kept to a minimum, according to PolicyMic there were still some major issues, such as the Volkswagen commercial, in which all German engineers are old white men with beards, except one female who is part of a sexual harassment joke.

ConclusionThere were a wide variety of Super Bowl 48 commercials that received different reactions. Even though the Seahawks totally crushed the Broncos, the commercials had a lack of shock value. I can’t wait till Super Bowl 49.

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