Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mobile Races

The annual cub scout -mobile races took place today. Basically, each den builds or inherits a cub-mobile and two scouts race them down a hill. There are "catchers" at the bottom who stop the cars when they cross the finish line. My dad has always been the main catcher.

Towards the end of the hill the cars start to accelerate to scary speeds. Cars going to fast tend to go off the side of the road if they don't have good steering controls. This fact prevented the fastest car, The Green Machine, which didn't have good enough steering controls to keep up with its out-of-this-world speed, from crossing the finish line over and over again. Only one person from den 11 was lucky enough to keep The Green Machine on the path. He happened to be the only one who showed up from his den. He had the best den average because he was the only person on his team, so he didn't have to worry about his spectacular run being reduced to a lower average.

Meanwhile my den's mobile, Den@6, became the most raced, the best wining average, and led den 6 to second place after den 11. Den@6 was probably able to accomplish so many things because of  its wooden blocks that stopped sudden sideways jerks. My friend Austin Harvey, also in den 6, actually made better time on Den@6 then The Green Machine. This means, if Austin had been the only one to show-up, Den 6 would have had the best average. Thank you Mr. Deertz for building such a great car.