Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Current Events: Rye 2013 Mayoral Race

I put together my second current events report for 5th grade. It's about Rye's 2013 mayoral race.

Check out the full report and video below:

Rye 2013 Mayoral Race

This year, Joe Sack, Peter Jovanovich, and Nancy Silberkleit are the candidates for mayor of Rye. Sack is a republican and former two time councilman who ran under the Republican, Conservative, and Independence parties. Jovanovich is a Republican, former councilman and deputy mayor who ran as an independent. Silberkleit had no political history and also ran as an independent.

This year’s race at first seemed to be a simple, easy, painless campaign. It looked as though Sack would cruise to victory unchallenged as the Republican nominee. Then Jovanovich announced his campaign in July. He said, it’s important that Sack doesn’t just become elected because there is no one else to vote for. “Whether we won or lost, I think it was important that Rye citizens got a choice,” said Jovanovich.

Sack, age 45, said he believes that because people didn’t like French and that French and Jovanovich were on the same ticket they will vote for him. Sack said, unlike the French administration. “I’m going to go out of my way to include all points of view.”

Here are their opinions on some issues:
PrioritiesWhat is your vision for Rye and what are your priorities?
• Silberkleit said she had no experience at teaching art and she just did it, and she was a great teacher “put me in and I’ll do a good job” she stated. She did not really answer the question.
• Sack said we need to get people to trust the government.
• Jovanovich said that we should fix the sewers and roads and buildings.

CapitalWhat capital projects would you prioritize?
• Jovanovich wanted to make the Purdy, Theodore Fremd, and Purchase intersection safer, and rebuild the train station.
• Sack said his top priority would be to rebuild the train station.
• Silberkleit said that we should always be trying to make even more money.

civil and efficientAs Mayor how would you work to ensure City Council meetings remain civil and efficient?
• Silberkleit said that the current atmosphere probably is a learning experience and that we need to compromise.
• Sack said “it is most important for the new mayor to restore the public’s trust in City government for the average citizen. This means: openness, transparency, integrity, accountability, especially when it comes to scandals like Rye Golf Club, Rye TV, the police uniform bid. This is not a sexy quote, but I want to make City Council meetings boring again.”
• Jovanovich said “I’d afford opportunities for the public to speak, the Council to think, then put things on the agenda for a vote.”

finger pointingHow will you as mayor assume a leadership role, moving the City away from the current atmosphere of finger-pointing and personal attacks within the Council and, at times, with residents?
• Jovanovich said he intends to be a great role-model.
• Sack said we need more communication.
• Silberkleit said we need to speak like people.

ethicsIs there a need to strengthen the ethics evaluation in City government?
• Silberkleit said “Absolutely, starting with checks and balances.”
• Sack said yes; also make sure we have the same goal.
• Jovanovich said “You can’t lead the City if you accuse your colleagues of unethical behaviour.” He did insult Sack, but he didn’t answer the question.

negative campaigningDuring the campaign, Sack accused Jovanovich of ruining the “civility” on French’s ticket. He also criticized Jovanovich at many debates and in the papers for denying the idea that the golf club manager could be pocketing money. Sack has vowed to “bring integrity back to Rye”. So Jovanovich, who has been an integral part of the French administration, has taken the opportunity to criticize his opponent during the campaign of being a “legislative contrarian”.

resultsAnd now what we have all been waiting for… With 125 votes (3%): Nancy Silberkleit. With 1581 votes (38%): Peter Jovanovich. And with 2,412 votes (59%): Joe Sack. Sack had come out on top and defeated his bitter rival Jovanovich with two-thirds more votes. The results ended a campaign season in which the participants had been indirectly insulting each other’s previous work.

“[This win] is a long time coming, but it was well worth the wait,” Sack said. “I believe that when you are the mayor it is your job to represent everyone who lives in Rye, not just certain people or contingencies.”

Rye's registered votersIn total, more than 4,000 votes were cast in this year’s mayoral election out of the city’s 9,988 registered voters, nearly half.

conclusionSack has had a successful campaign along with the rest of his ticket. We will see if he will really bring back integrity to Rye.

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