Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Lake Monster

Since I was three my dad has been rowing me across the lake at our bungalow in the Catskills. He tells me stories about the Mohican Lake Monster we actually see, which crawls around at night and is never in the same spot in the morning. I used to think this was concrete evidence of magic. His stories made me feel magical. A year ago dad started telling Andi these stories. She enjoys them too, and this is how she was introduced to the idea that the greed of dragons and dwarves cause them to fight over gold.

In the Mohican Lake there is a thing that has earned the fear of fish, men and deer. It looks like an eel with frog legs for arms and a dragon head. It can change it's size, and it's scales, which flap to help it swim, are patterned green and white. It can breathe both air and water and lives in an underwater cave. It can swim as fast as a motor boat and flies even faster.

No one knows how old the monster is but when he was younger he fought dwarves for land and gold in Japan. The monster and dwarves especially liked mountains because the sun shone brighter, but it was colder. One day the monster got bored and wanted to disrupt the dwarves tunneling. He flew over to a dwarf mountain and looked at it for a long time, thinking. The next day the monster took a long drink from the pacific and went back to the mountain where he spit out all the water and destroyed the mountain. That night the dwarves were so tired from repairing the mountain and so cold from the water that they lit fires and left them unattended. The next day there was a volcano where the mountain should have been. The monster went out to the ocean and continued doing this. This is why there are more volcanoes in between Japan and America than anywhere else.

When the monster entered America it was blocked by pirates. It just started to get bigger and bigger until they all ran away. He then shot away to the biggest close mountains he could find. He then looked for water. He had done both out of instinct and realized he could stay where he was. Then something came shooting at him. It had a fan on it's back side. The monster had never seen a boat before. He fell to the bottom of the lake half conscious. A fish was pecking at him when he woke. He swam to shore and saw a deer which gave him a blah, you're not worth my time look. The events that day turned him to the dark side, he had never been friends but now he was what you could call really evil: he never actually forgot that look, he hated fish from then on and I won't begin to describe the experience with the man in the boat.

On the northeastern bay there are no fish but usually there are ripples. One day Nina said she saw a green gleam and assumed it was a turtle. Dad and I know better…

Update: Recently we went across the lake and found the monster wasn’t there. We were so scared. When we took a walk around the lake the dinosaur was on someone’s lawn we asked them why it wasn’t far away where it usually is. They said they were fixing its arm and installing light on its eyes and then they would move it back. We were very happy to hear this.