Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Want My Teacher Back

After our teacher was reassigned one of my classmates made this "We Want our Teachers Back Now" badge for a Board of Education meeting. I wore one to school.

I did get a little grief from my principal, but it was manageable. Mrs. Garcia visited the class and asked me to take it off. I asked "why?," which apparently she was not prepared for. She responded "excuse me?" I repeated "why?" Then she asked me to speak with her in the hall. She asked me why I was wearing it and I said "because I want my teacher back." She said "you know that wearing that isn't going to get you your teacher back, right?" and I said "yes, but I still want to wear it." She asked how I thought it might make my substitute teacher feel. I said "bad, I guess. But I still want to wear it." When she tried to insist that I take it off I said "You can call my parents and we can have a big discussion about it." Then she sent me back into the room...still wearing the pin.

The next day I let the substitute know that it was nothing personal against her.