Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Building Bridges

From left to right: Nicholas, Jack, Nick, Eason,
Luke, Austin, Alexandra, Imogen, Logan.
On June 6 our district Youth Advocate, Mrs. Low, came to our class for the last time and we did our only outdoor activity. We had a task of getting from one side of the ocean filled with sharks to the pure gold island, and all we had was 3 long boards (like the one we're holding in the picture) and 9 milk crates. We couldn't stand in the ocean or allow the boards to touch the water.

Right away I had an idea.

We placed a crate 10 feet out in the ocean by creating a bridge of stepping stones out of crates and putting the bridge in front of you and crossing it and so on. Then when Yuki, who did the little stepping stone thing, was 10 feet out we passed him one end of the board and we laid it down on two crates creating a bridge. Amanda and Ava went to the end of the bridge with a crate and board. They gave Yuki the crate and held the board until Yuki was ready then passed him one end of the board creating a double bridge. We did this again creating a triple bridge and we had 2 crates left. When we finished this I announced this was the hardest part and everyone groaned because there had been a lot of yelling already.

Everyone got on the further two boards and we picked up the first board and made it the fourth. We were officially stranded in the ocean! Then we picked up what was the second and made it the fifth. We did this until we got to the other side!